Flowers are important. When your business partners/valued customers are celebrating office opening; when your senior managers are admitted to the hospital, a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers coupled with a heartwarming gift wouldn't go wrong in conveying your warm message, appreciation and how much you care! Join Bloom as a Corporate Customer and enjoy all the benefits. We'll open a special Corporate Account for you with privileges deserved only for our corporate customers.


Once you're accepted as a Bloom's corporate customer, you’ll enjoy the privileges like no one else, such as the following:


a) Attractive discounts on flowers, gifts, gift baskets, and MORE.

  • Discounts can come and go, and sometimes, you might just lose a big discount opportunity when you forget to grab in a given timeframe. However, by becoming a Bloom’s corporate customers, the discounts you get to enjoy is year-long. In the long term, you’ll definitely SAVE a lot more than being a normal customer.

b) Save all the hassles of making payment every time you order -- as a Bloom's corporate customer, you only pay once a month.

  • That’s right! Instead of making payment (fill in credit card info, wait for TAC, confirm payment) every time you order, as a Bloom’s corporate customer, you just need to place your order, sit back, and wait for the delivery to be done. Easy, simple, hassle free and efficient.

c) Buy first, and pay later (you'll receive an invoice at the end of your payment cycle)

  • As a Bloom’s corporate customer, you have our trust. We offer you credit terms, meaning that you get to enjoy our service first, and make payment later. In addition, you only pay once a month -- a best fit for busy business owner/executive like yourself!

So don’t wait. Apply to become a Bloom’s Corporate Customer Today! Kindly do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information.
* Terms & conditions apply