Occasion Greetings
Birthday Have A Great Birthday.
Ha, Ha, Ha Happy Birthday, Hope Your Days Is A Million Laughs!
Hope You Have A Wonderful Years Ahead Filled With Love, Happiness & Good Health.
In Celebration Of Your Birthday.
May All Your Years Be Happy & Healthy.
On Your Birthday You Might Feel Extra Special But, I Think You're Pretty Special Every Day.
To Someone Who Is Forever Young.
Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday .. And Many, Many More.
With Age Comes Wisdom, You're One Of The Wisest People I Know .
May this year be your best ever.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a year better.
Here's to another year of experience.
A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.
Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Chai !!
Wishing You A Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year.
Wishing You Another Year Of Prosperous .
Christmas All The Brightest And The Best Of The Season.
Greetings Of The Season. Hope Your Everyday Is Filled With Wonder!
We Wish You A Holiday Season, Filled With Wonder & Delight!
Wishing You All The Peace, Joy & Love Of The Season.
Wishing You Joy In This Season Of Renewal .
General A World Of Gratitude For your Thoughtful Deeds.
Applause x3 You Deserve A Standing Ovation.
Belated But With Sincere Thanks!
Congratulations On Your Recent Success, We Look Forward To Work With You As You Grow.
Congratulations/ Best Wishes/ Thanks For Everything / Good Luck.
Happy House Warming!
It's Great To Know That You Can Count On Some People...To Go The Extra Miles. Thanks For You Help.
Money Cannot Buy Happiness...But It Sure Helps. Thank You For Your Contribution .
Get Well Get Well Soon.
Wishing You A Speedy Recovery
Hope You're Feeling Better Soon.
We Miss You! Come Back Soon (Hurry Up & Get The Heck Out Of There!)
Hope You Are Feeling Well, Our Prayers Go With You.
With Fondest Love & Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery.
Your Well Being Is Of Great Concern And Your Absence Deeply Felt. Please Get Well Soon .
I pray for you every time. I hope you feel better now. I wish to see you soon with a healthy smile. Take care.
These days, the sun does not rise happily, Birds do not sing happily; Because all of them know, My best buddy is sick. Take care.
When all of us meet, we try to have fun. But that just doesn't happen, because all fun is incomplete without you. We all hope that you get well soon. So we will rock the world again. Take care.
I am the luckiest person in the whole world because I have the most beautiful person in my life. I am sure soon you will be absolutely fine in some days so that we get to create lots of unforgettable moments again. Take care.
Anniversary, Love, Romance and Valentine's Day All My Love.
Being With You Is Such A Wonderful Experience.
Flowers As Reminders, That Thoughts Are Always Near You To Brighten All Your Moments.
Forever Is My Love.
Just Because I Love You.
Love & Kisses.
Love Is A Flame That Burns Bright Eternally.
Many Happy Returns On Your Anniversary.
Morning, Noon & Night Time Too .. I Spend The Hours Missing You.
My Love For You Grows & Grows.
Take Care, I Miss You & I Love You Forever .
I Couldn't Wait To Say Happy Valentine's Day (for early delivery).
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Favorite Valentine Will Always Be You.
You Will Always Be My Valentine .
Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.
It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.
The best and most beautiful things in the world can't be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.
Love is like sunshine. It brings a golden glow to its beholder's face. And a warm feeling all over their body. It awakens souls and opens eyes. And when its over, it leaves billions of small memories called stars. To remind the world, that it still exists.
When you love someone, it's something. When someone loves you, it's another thing. When you love the person who loves you back, it's everything.
Don't fall in love with someone you can live with, fall in love with someone you can't live without.
If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart because hearts can break but circles go on forever.
You can fall from the sky, You can fall from a tree ; But the best way to fall, Is in love with me
The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine.
Loving you is like breathing; How can I stop?
There must be something wrong with my eyes; I can't take them off you.
The shortest word for me is I, The sweetest word for me is LOVE, and the only one for me is YOU
I get the best feeling in the world when you say "Hi" or smile at me, because I know that even for a second that I've crossed your mind.
Every morning I wake up happy because I know I'll see you.
Every night I go home crying because I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see you again.
Mother's Day / Father's Day Thanks For The Gift Of Life / Love.
How Wise Of Them To Name A Day For People Nice In Every Way.
Thank You For The Things You've Done, The Happiness You've Given, The Love You've Always Shown.
And Most Of All For Being A Very Special Mom / Dad.
Like A Bright Bouquet Of Spring Time Flowers. A Mother's Love Is A Treasure Of Beauty & Joy.
Today, Fathers Across The Land Are Being Honored, Revered & Respected.
To The World's Greatest Mom! / Dad!
Opening Ceremony A Toast & Cheer On Your Official Opening.
Congratulations On your Grand Opening !!
Congratulations & Best Wishes.
Congratulations On The Opening Of Your (New Office).
Heartiest / Warmly Congratulations!
We Extend Hearty Good Wishes & Congratulations .
Secretaries' Day Thanks For All You Do.
Thanks For Putting Up With Me.
We Appreciate All You Do.
You're The Greatest .
Sympathy / Funeral Closing Ceremony Fondest Remembrances.
Our Deepest Condolences.
In Tribute.
May The Peace Of The Lord Be With You Especially At This Time Of Bereavement.
Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With You.
To (Family member's name) With Deepest Sympathy On The Demise Of Your (Mother/Father).
To The Family Of The Late (decease's name). With Deepest Sympathies (& Condolences).
We Pray That God Will Give You Strength & Courage In Your Time Of Bereavement.
We Share Your Grief In This Time Of Bereavement With Deepest Sympathy & Condolence.
We're Deeply Saddened By Your Loss, Our Thoughts Are With You.
With Deepest Sympathy & Condolences On The Demise Of Your (Mother/Father).
With Heartfelt Condolences.
With/In Loving Memory (For own family member only) .
Wedding Congratulations On Your Auspicious Day & Wishing You Many Good Years Ahead.
Congratulations! Wishing You Both A Blissful & Everlasting Marriage.
Lasting Happiness To You Both You're Married! Let The Bliss Begin!
Congratulations Wishing You Both A Lifetime Of Love .