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Valentines Day Flowers & Gifts

It's the biggest day for all the love birds! The magic day is 14 February, and this is the day that you should never miss. For married couples, it's the day to reignite affection; for those who are still in courtship, it's the day to reaffirm your love; for those who are still single, it's the day to confess your love. Pick from the many choices we have for Valentine's day hand bouquets.

The most common flowers to send on Valentine’s day are roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, hydrangeas and carnations. Do you have any ideas what flowers to send on Valentine’s day and their meanings?

Red roses - passionate love and romance
Pink roses - love (less over the top), admiration; perfect for new relationships
Champagne roses - loveliness, tenderness
Daisies - innocence, happiness
Lilies -  devotion, purity
Tulips - true love, perfect love
White carnations - pure love
Light red carnations - admiration
Pink/peach carnations - appreciation, gratitude
Hydrangeas - perseverance (suitable for long-standing couples)