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CNY Hamper 05

红酒 Red wine 750ml
鱼鳔 Fish Maw
名贵礼品 premium gift
冰糖燕窝雪耳Essence of Bird Nest & White Fungus 6btl x70ml
红烧鲍⻥Abalone 85g 1Tin
干⻉鲍⻥Scallop Abalone 85g 1Tin 
精选雪耳 Selected White Fungus
花生 Peanut
Chinese New Year Decorative
Chinese New Year Greeting Card

Notes for delivery out of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & adjacent area :
Items subject to change according to value paid and presenting in basket

RM 468.00
For Delivery: All the state