• Fresh Flowers

    • Avoid touching the flower petals by hand as it is sensitive to pressure, heat, and oil.

    • Add an adequate of water every day :-

      • For Flowers arranged on Basket/Stand/Box, adding to Floral Sponge.

      • For Hand Bouquet, add the water from the top and it will flow into the cotton we placed at the bottom. We advise you to unpack the wrapper of the hand bouquet and putting it into a vase to last longer.

      • For Flowers arranged in Vase, replacing the water & cut flower stem about ½ inch every 2 days

    • Keep in a chilled/high humidity spot (15 to 22 degrees Celsius), stay away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, direct drafts from a ceiling fan, and the tops of televisions or radiators. (Appliances like televisions give off heat, causing flowers to dehydrate.) 

    • Tear off the curl petals. Natural products have natural flaws. Just snip/cut or tear off the yellowed/darkened part away to regain its appealing appearance. 
  • Balloons
    • Normal Air Balloon/Helium Balloon : Stay away from sharp items and direct sunlight, heating, or cooling vents. As it might cause the balloon to inflate & deflate due to changes in temperature or altitude. 
    • Oxidation (turning chalky) on the Latex balloon over time is a normal phenomenon.
    • Helium Balloon : The average floating time will be around 5 hours.
    • To check the wording on the Balloon carefully when our driver handover the Balloon to you/the recipient. Kindly reject the delivery immediately if you/the recipient found that most of the wording sticker (if any) is in loose condition. This was due to the Balloon lost on pressure/leakage of air.
    • We will ensure the Balloon is in good condition during delivery and the moment we hand it over to you/the recipient. No warranty/guarantee on the Balloon after we handed it over to you/the recipient. Sorry that we will not be liable for any burst of the Balloon after that as it could happen due to many factors.
  • New Born Gifts
    • Unpack the packaging and utilize the items before the expiry date (if any).
  • ​​Fruits / Cake / Juice / Healthy Drinks / Wine / Candy : 
    • Keep in chiller/fridge and consume it soonest possible or before the expiry date.

  • Chocolates
    • Keep the Chocolates in the fridge (for not less than 2 hours) right after you receive the delivery then consume it soonest possible or before the expiry date.